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Hi, my name’s Milecia and I want to help you learn web development because it can give you more opportunities than I can list and I want you to have all of them.
I’ve been teaching people web development for over two years now and my students have gone on to live the life that they have been waiting for. Hundreds of people have gone through the Flipped Coding class and just as many have stuck around afterwards until they got hired as a freelancer, full-time employee, or did something else.
I’ll tell you now. This class isn’t fancy, but you will learn the skills you need to get started in web development. You won’t have to struggle through tutorials and videos that just leave you floating in the wind because you’ll have access to people and materials that will take you to the next level. This is the most supportive place to learn web development that you’ll find anywhere on the internet. Go look if you don’t believe me. But when you do come back, you’ll be immersed in a group of people that want you to succeed and will be there every step of the way.
When I started learning how to code, there were so many tutorials, classes, guides, and videos I had to go through. And some of them were not cheap! You don’t have to deal with those issues because you’re here. If you have gotten tired of trudging through all the stuff out there and you want everything you need in one place then you’ve found it.
I’ll walk you through the technical skills you need, help you with your resume and cover letter, give you a leg up with portfolio projects, and much more. To show you how serious I am, you can sign up below to get your first free JavaScript tutorial. People have paid $20 for this and I’m just going to give it to you because I believe it will show you the value in Flipped Coding. I’m on a mission to teach 1,000 people web development and how to make money with it. Will you join the hundreds of others that have already started?


What specifically will I learn from this class? You will learn the foundations as well as some advanced techniques of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the 3 skills that can get you anywhere you want to go with web development. You also have the option of making yourself more money by learning WordPress.

How is this class different from any of the others out there? Firstly, it was made with individuals in mind. You don’t have to worry about your forum questions going unanswered or the class being too technical to understand. The focus of this class is to teach people who know absolutely nothing about web development how to become web developers. That means you’ll find more support here than anywhere else online. Secondly, it’s made with industry practices in mind. The problem with coding boot camps or other classes is that they don’t teach you anything the way that you’ll actually use it on the job. I don’t want to be blindsided on your first day when they tell you to go find and fix bugs in some old legacy code.

Does this class come with a community element? Definitely! I believe the fastest way to learn web development is by talking with other people who already know it or are learning it with you. Community and accountability are a huge part of learning any new skill. My private forums will be the best way to interact with other people who are going through the same thing as you and you’ll learn a lot from each other.

How do I take the class? I want to help you become a good web developer as fast as possible. So right after you sign up you’ll get instant access to all of the programming modules, career material, portfolios, programming challenges, and everything else that comes with the membership. It’s all online so you can take the class on any computer in the world. You’ll even receive a weekly email to help keep you on track.

What if I’m not tech-savvy at all? That’s perfectly fine. There are modules that walk you through everything you need from a text editor all the way up to wireframing tools and more. And if you ever have questions or need help, even if it seems like a “stupid” question, I’m here to help you. All you have to do is post in the forums and I’ll help you get it figured out. One of my students didn’t even realize you needed a computer at first. He thought he could do everything on his phone.

How long does it take to finish this class? It depends on your schedule and your life. I’ve had students finish the class in a couple of weeks and I’ve had some stick around over a year. On average, it should take you 3-4 months to finish this class, but that’s not including all the bonus material. I want to let you know something ahead of time though. 3-4 months is not enough time to become a good developer. It takes at least a year of practicing to really understand this stuff.

Can I do the course on my schedule or are there certain times I need to show up? This class is self-study so you can work on it whenever you get ready. There have been a few people who only work on the class between midnight and 3 am! I’ll send you an email every week to help keep you on track too.

What if life happens and I can’t finish the class right away? It’s no biggie. You can choose to pause your membership for a month and then come back. That way your price won’t go up while you’re gone. Of course, you can always cancel too.

Who made this class and why is she qualified? This class was made by Milecia McGregor. She has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering and robotics. Milecia’s been programming for 4+ years and has taught hundreds of others how to do so. Milecia’s also been invited to speak at universities all over the world and presented at international research symposiums. Over 2,000 people come to Flipped Coding every month to learn more about how to become a web developer and how to make money with that skill.

What options will I have with my skills after I finish the class? You’ll be able to apply for web developer jobs. You could use them to make yourself more valuable in your current job. You could start freelancing. You could even use your skills to make a software business. There’s more options than this, but these are some of the routes my students have taken.

If you have any questions that you don’t see here, feel free to email me or reach out to me on Facebook!