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Working as a web developer means it’s good to know as much about how the internet works as possible

It also means you’ll hear a lot of acronyms that aren’t always used correctly. An example of some of the acronyms you’ll hear are URIs and URLs. While they are used interchangeably, there are some subtle differences. For starters, URI stands for uniform resource identifier and URL stands for uniform resource locator. Most of the […]

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This is one of those terrible things that companies can get away with just because

They can send you through weeks of interviews, decide they don’t want you, and then never speak to you again. It is the most frustrating and disrespectful thing you’ll have to deal with during your job search. I know I hate it when that happens. I’ve had companies do several phone interviews, hours of in […]

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Let’s start off strong. Web development is not computer science

They are not the same. Some might say that web development is an application of computer science and that is a bit more accurate but still not totally correct. There are just some major differences between the two that need to be discussed. If you’ve taken a CS class before then you know how much […]

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I thought that it might be a good idea to share with you the reason I chose to become a programmer

I didn’t wake up one morning and just say, “Hey. I think I’m going to become a programmer today.” No, no, no. It was an interesting path that led me to where I am and here’s a little bit of that story. As you may or may not know I actually have a bachelor’s degree […]

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JavaScript frameworks are incredibly hot right now

You’ve probably heard of the most popular two: Angular and React. They can really help speed up the development process and they do a good job of separating responsibilities in the code. So why shouldn’t you focus on them if they’re so great? It’s not that you shouldn’t learn them. You should just spend more […]

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