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I remember when I first started learning how to code. I would get so frustrated because none of the classes really explained what these programming terms and concepts mean or when they would actually be used in real life. I left those classes with a greater understanding of how difficult learning to program online.

Nobody took the time to show you when to apply techniques or concepts, they just threw pointless examples at you. Or they promise you that you’ll be a coding master by the time you finish their class. It was just irritating because nothing seemed to be helpful.

So after I actually became a master coder, I decided to be the only person to fill that gap. I teach you every little technical detail you’ll ever want to know about coding in a way that lets you relate it to things you already know about. Flipped Coding is here to teach you not only how to code, but how to make a career change and start a career in programming.

That was something else I saw missing in the how programming is taught online. You get this new skill and you can’t even market it right! The tech industry is booming and is expected to continue to boom for decades. If you can get started as a software engineer now, you’ll be ahead of the curve. This is another aspect to why Flipped Coding exists.

You want a better job! You can know how to code blindfolded, but if your resume can’t make it to a real person it won’t matter. Flipped Coding teaches you how to use your new skills on the job hunt and how you can increase your chances of getting job offers from companies. I’ve used these skills to get job offers from places like Google, NASA, Chrysler, Amazon, and a bunch of other companies.

And for those of you who think this is too difficult consider this. Aren’t you already doing things that are difficult? Maybe you have a job you don’t like or you miss out on opportunities because of other responsibilities. If you can handle these things, learning how to code and get a software engineering job will be like a cake walk for you.

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